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  • Complies ANS/EIA, RS-310-D, DIN41491, IEC297-2, DIN41494, DART7, GB/T3047.2-92, and ETSI standard ;
  • Compatible with 19-inch international standard and ETSI standard;
  • Elegance look, profound technical, precise dimension with modern taste, add value to your projects;
  • Removable side doors, convenient to operate;
  • International popular color tempered glass door ;
  • Install caster and supporting feet, move easily, and firm ;
  • Removable side panel and rear door, easy to assemble or dismantle, lock is optional ;
  • The bottom cable entry can be covered , the size is adjustable according to the requirement ;
  • Varies optional accessories, reliable quality ;
  • Max static loading capacity:700KG
  • Point of differences: Front door : the tempered glass door have the color bars on both side for decoration. The color of color bars is optional. Both sides of the door with mesh to keep ventilated; Rear door: planar mesh/solid rear door for option;
  • Material: SPCC cold rolling steel, plate Mounting angle: 2.0mm, frame Front door: 1.2mm, others 1.0mm
  • Dimension: 800 x 800 x 2000mm
  • Capacity: 42U

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