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   Digital control constant temperature cabinet
Digital control constant temperature cabinet

Digital control constant temperature cabinet

      • Accord with ANSI/EIA  R-310-D standard; compatible 19 international standard, metric system standard and ETSI standard;
      • Cabinet is airtight, sound insulation, heat insulation, fireproofing and rust prevention.
      • Easy work. Equipped with digital control cooling and heating instrument, can set inside temperature between 20℃~35℃ as wish.
      • No coagulate water inside.
      • Double SPCC cold rolled steel shell, full fill heat insulation material between the double shell gaps.
      • Energy saving.  Below 110w, when the cooling instrument working;  below 160w, when the heat instrument working.
      • High efficiency. The cooling instrument can cool down the temperature from 35℃ to 25℃ in two hour, then it will stop working until the temperature exceed to 35℃ again. Also, if the temperature below 0℃, then the heat instrument will work for 10 minutes, then the temperature can up to 10℃.
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