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Cat7 Lan Cable

Cat7 Network Lan Cable:

Product Discription:

Cable include: CAT5E/CAT6/CAT6A/CAT7 UTP,FTP,SFTP.

Conductor material: BC,CU,CCAG,CCA,4CCA+4CCS,4CU +4CCA;

Conductor diameter: single strand: 0.40mm/0.45mm/0.50mm/0.56mm/0.57mm/0.58m

Stranded: 7 * 0.12mm / 7 * 0.16mm / 7 * 0.20mm

Shield: aluminum foil, aluminum foil + braid

Mesh: 32 mesh, 48 mesh, 64 mesh, 80 mesh, 96 mesh, 112 mesh, 128 mesh

Braid Material: BC,CU,CCAG,CCA,4CCA+4CCS;

Insulation: PE; environmental PE;

Sheath: Environmental PVC; new material; LSZH; ROHS; CM; Outdoor; etc.

Transfer rate: 1000BASE-T Ethernet (1000Mbps) 155MbpsATM, 100MbpsTP-PMD,100Mbps Ethernet (100BASE-T) transfer rate up to 622Mbps, and other system applications; 10Mbps Ethernet

Color: gray, black, white, blue, yellow, red, green, etc.

Application: export, trade, cafes, schools, businesses, government, banks, building and other network engineering systems.

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong

Packaging: 305 m / box

Product Specification:

Operating temperature: -20 ~ -60 ℃

Storage Temperature: -20 ~ -60 ℃

Compressive strength: 400N

Tensile strength: 100N

Transfer rate: 100~1000Mkbps

Insulation: HDPE Φ1.02mm

Cable characteristic impedance: 100 ± 15Ω;

Maximum Conductor Resistance: (100m/20 ℃): ≤ 9.38Ω

DC resistance unbalance: ≤ 2.5%

Insulation resistance: ≥ 5000MΩ · km

Working capacitance: ≤ 5.6nF/100m

line-to-ground capacitance unbalance: ≤ 330pF/100m

Our Package:

OEM service is offered, welcome your own box design

1) Packing :(1000ft)305m/boxes,2boxes/ctn,or as the customers requirments. 
                  Other lengths available according to client's request. 
2) Carton box, OEM Box

3) Other packing available according to client's request. 

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