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   eTEM series Server Racks
eTEM series Server Racks

eTEM series Server Racks

      • Conform to ANSI/EIAR-310-D、DIN41491;PART1、IEC297-2、DIN41494;DART7、GB/T3047-92 standard, compatible 19 international standard, metric system standard and ETSI standard;
      • The structure is solid, the overload is big which can fully meet your requirements for this kind of cabinets;
      • Install universal foot wheel and supporting foot, which is convenient to move and fix steadily;
      • The cabinet is convenient, swift, solid.
      • Frontal door adopts international popular color toughen glass door
      • Match cover plate above and below part walk line. Frontal, rear and side doors are easy to dismantle and install and convenient to work. The bottom is easy to ventilate and avoid mice′s coming;
      • The chosen materials are good quality cold rolling board. Material depth: corner side:2.0mm, the other 1.2-1.5mm
      • There are all kinds of fittings. The quality is dependable;
      • Surface disposal: get rid of oil, bonderized, electrophoresis bottom paint, static electricity spray powder;
      • Main color: computer gray and black;
      • Customize all kinds of specification and hole variation according to customer′s requirements;
      • The picture is web hole door cabinet.

eTEM series Network Server Cabinets




























































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